» Vatsalya School

The school, named Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan, is part of the children’s village of Udayan in Jaipur, one of the projects of the local Vatsalya NGO. Our secretary Conny van Staalen had been involved in setting it up almost ten years ago. Since a few years she is a member of an international advisory board, supporting the Vatsalya NGO, and thus she is quite involved in Udayan.

The children’s village is beautiful, in the middle of Rajasthan’s desert, with all facilities for about 60 street children who have found a loving home there.

The children appear to be quite happy and joyful. They have lots of space for sports and games, and live in small housing units with a ‘house mother’. Meals are adequate, with plenty of vegetables from the own garden, and much attention is given to culture, dance, music, yoga, and meditation.

Since June 2011 they have their own school. They are proud of it. In the morning one can see them happily walking to the school in their new uniforms.
The classes are still small, with no more than ten children per class. Next school year, Vatsalya hopes to welcome more children from outside the village.

It is not easy to find well qualified teachers and to keep them, possibly due to the isolated situation of the village.
Contact has been established with the nearby Amriti University, who have offered volunteers and free courses for the teachers. 
And recently, a start has been made with audio-visual education, educational programmes on the Internet, and lessons given by teachers from other parts of India and even abroad via Skype. It is all quite revolutionary and modern.

The Benares Schoolfund Foundation supports the school for a period of three years with an annual contribution of 5,000 euros.

It’s worthwhile to have a look at Vatsalya’s website: www.vatsalya.org

There you can see the wonderful work this organisation is doing in Jaipur.