» Asha Deep School

A lady whose house faced the Nagwa slum in Varanasi for years, founded in 2004 the Hope and Joy Society for the Underprivileged in order to improve the Nagwa people’s poor circumstances.
 One of her initiatives was founding a school, the Asha Deep School.

The school not only offers regular education, also aims at maintaining dialogue with the parents of the children, improving the basic health of the community and preventing the exploitation and abuse of children.

The Asha Deep School, catering to many children from our own Nagwa area, is beautifully situated on the banks of the river Ganges, and is a nice, fresh and airy building.
The classes are small, there are 13 well paid teachers for the 229 students.
The students from class 2 till 8 (150) stay in school in the afternoon for extra tuition and home work classes. They get a hot school meal at noon.

Building, lunch, small classes and well qualified teachers cost a lot.

In order to improve the financial solvability of this nice initiative, the Benares Schoolfund Foundation will help out Asha Deep for a period of three years with an annual contribution of 4,000 euros.