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How can you support BSF?

As a school sponsor
At Euro 23 a month (or Euro 275 a year) you provide a child with lessons, schoolbooks, school uniform, dinners and, if need be, tutoring.
Part of the above sum is, moreover, used as a contribution to the cost of school equipment and the salaries and training of teachers.
If so desired, you annually receive a picture and the school report of the child you sponsor.

As a (regular) donor
Any other fixed annual sum or once-only donation is also used for the benefit of the education and the students. Thanks to single and once-only donations some additional projects have been realized in the last few years:

• Library and computer room Little Stars School (LSS)
• Library and computer room Jeevan
• Physics and chemistry classrooms LSS
• Computers Ashray School
* Computers Asha Deep School
* Schoolmaterials and books Vatsalya School

Your donations are tax-deductible
Benares Schoolfund Foundation has been classified by the Inland Revenue as an Institution Aiming for General Welfare ( Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling / ANBI).
 In case of donation by notarial deed, the costs are at the foundation’s expense. Through the courtesy of a notary, these costs are reduced to the minimum.
The secretariat could provide the necessary papers (licence for donation).

Stichting Benares Schoolfonds (Benares Schoolfund Foundation)
Fiscal number: 8119.77.936
Rabobank accountnr.: 19 43 91 353
IBAN: NL97 RABO 0194 3913 53 BIC: RABONL2U