» Little Stars School

In 2005 SBS started supporting Little Stars School. Little Stars School (LSS) was founded in 2002 especially for the poorest of the poor.

Starting out on the rooftop of her parental home with seven little girls, director Asha Pandey now has a beautiful school building at her disposal and a new annexe, where almost 900 children are being taught. The school is a twelve-form, so-called Hindi-medium School; lessons are in Hindi. English is taught as a special subject. The school pays great focus on cultural education, too: it offers various classes such as music (tabla and sitar), dance, art and drama.

The school is fully run on donations, from India itself often in kind (e.g. school dinners), from abroad the badly needed money for salaries, maintenance of the building, hostel and school equipment.  The school has a hostel for 25 orphan girls.

Little stars School is very active. Not only is the schoolbuilding being renovated, also the education is being worked on. According to director Asha Pandey, these two things are connected: in order to be able to offer a highly qualified education up to grade 12 – that is the school’s ambition – one needs well-  trained teachers, who receive  proper salaries; and one can get well-trained teachers only when the school is attractive and well-equiped.

In order to realize the expansion up to grade 12, LSS has built an annexe on a nearby piece of land. LSS is the first school that offers high school education to our target group of underprivileged children.

In the meantime, the variety of subjects is being improved, including the books and other schooling materials. The teachers are trained regularly and English is becoming a more prominent aspect during classes. Although LSS is a Hindi-medium school (the teaching language is Hindi), it also holds great importance to the English language. That is why the higher grades, apart from their regular English lessons, are also taught some subjects in English.

The driving force behind all educational innovations ánd the renovation of the building is the experienced Dutch ex-teacher Pierre Satijn. The Dutch Benares Building Society provides the financial contribution.

Benares Schoolfund Foundation supports Little Stars School by paying the tuition fees of 70 pupils, the salaries of 5 teachers and the full costs of 5 hostel girls. Moreover an amount of money has become available for teacher training and a raise in salary for the teachers.