┬╗ Projects

In 2003 the new Benares Schoolfund Foundation took over 21 pupils from Francis Baartmans┬┤ Benares Fund. Thanks to an increasing amount of school sponsors, the number of sponsored children rose gradually up to 60 students.

As soon as the financial room extended, the foundation has decided not only to support individual children but also schools, that are founded for our target group of underprivileged children. These schools offer free education and depend for their running costs fully on financial support from outside.

SBS supports five schools:
– Little Stars School
– Ashray School
– Jeevan School
– Asha Deep School
– Udayan School in Jaipur

With all schools we lay down our mutual obligations in bi-annual contracts, that are evaluated during the annual visit of some boardmembers to Varanasi.